Wednesday, June 27, 2007

forgot to add this photo

Several months ago this year, Pancho was able to locate his half-sister, Celestina. She has always been in our thoughts and he said he wanted to feel complete, so he tracked her down.

This was a very defining moment in his life and hers. We were all so excited when she contacted him. As soon as they met, they just knew they were brother and sister! It's amazing how much she and Raquel look alike! Why not, they are sisters, right? We have also been blessed again because Celestina just gave birth last Friday to a son. Pancho and Raquel are very anxious to meet their new nephew! Celestina also has 3 other children and is married to Brad.
You be the judge - can you tell Raquel and Celestina are related?

The Other Ray(s) of Sunshine in my life....

In a previous post, I shared my daughter, Raquel.
Now, this is my precious son, Francisco aka Pancho. My 'baby' (yes, you will always be my baby) is soon to be 28! He's a senior at CalState University San Marcos and is engaged to Corinna Dominquez. We are all so happy for them to have found each other. I truly believe they are soulmates. The wedding is planned for June 22, 2008! It will be here before we know it!! YEAH!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This guy needs a new hair do, don't you think?
One of my fav photos from the fair!

And his buddy needs a new dentist!

Monday, June 25, 2007

This is my friend Larry (L) and his buddy who are actors at the fair. They spoke with a French accent and instead of saying Cheese - we were saying something like French Fling!

I have known Larry for about 20 years. He's one of Raquel's Recreation Therapists with Parks&Recs Therapeutic Services where Raquel has her many activities.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This is my precious daughter, Raquel Angelica Rios. She loves to wear her sunglasses and you will always find her with her purse on her shoulder. We call her our very own Sophia Petrillo (from the Golden Girls). Raquel is one special and unique woman! She's 30 years old now...but one would never know when looking at her!

Raquel attends a special day program and enjoys her days there immensely! She doesn't care much for weekends....she wants to be with her friends and out in the community.

One thing you need to know about Raquel...when she was first accessed by a physician for her disability, I was told that she would never walk nor would she talk. WOW!! Way wrong! This woman does both and to the extreme!! She's one very smart cookie too!

Look! I have my own blog now!!

Well, after seeing how everyone else has a blog site, I've decided to design one too!
I just hope I can keep up with it!!

It's now Wednesday 10:46PM....I want to make a birthday gift for 2 of my sisters. One has her 49th tomorrow and is flying in from Phoenix and the other will be 48 on Friday.
What to do?? What to make??? I think I'll whip up some Stationary holders and cards for them.
Korin says they are easy.....that's what I'll try!

Wish me luck!