Monday, August 8, 2011

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Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a joyous and blessed Easter Sunday. HE IS RISEN!!
Today was a day full of emotions and mixed feelings. 1st Easter Celebration without my precious father. Not our first holiday without him, but one of his favorites...only because of the candy!!! He loved jelly beans! I didn't buy any candy this year for a couple of reasons...#1 - I would have eaten them all my myself before I could pour them into the candy basket #2....I would have eaten them all my myself before I could pour them into the candy basket!! Raquel had some candy from her program, so she was not without. This was also our last Easter with just 4 of us Macias'. Next year Baby Ellie Sophia Macias will be with us! Can't wait!! She's going to be our baby bunny!! Raquel and I drove up to Murrieta this AM. Breakfast, a movie (Rio - so cute) and then dinner with my daughter in law's family. Special day with special people.

My two kiddos....Raquel sure loves her brother

And then! and then the Maintenance Required lite is on in my new car!! Not even 5000 miles on it and less than a year old!! Toyota Service Center here I come!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mojo is back!!!

Okay, okay...I know it's been a LONG while since I've opened my blog and posted. But I'm here now!!
Been busy lately stamping again!! Whew! I really enjoyed getting my mojo back! (PS. can anyone really tell me what Mojo means???)
I went to a SU workshop at my friend Jenn's home 2 weeks ago. I think that's what got me going again. Within a couple of days, I got creative. Stayed up late one night and cranked out several cards. Used SU punches and papers along with some CTMH paper and emellishments. I want to credit Dawn G. and others from whom I've been channeling some inspiration thru their videos.

It's a good thing the colors match well enough because I have lots of CTMH paper!! Boy, do I!!
Going to attend another workshop on Saturday. And after my house is put back in order a bit more, I am going to get back to hosting my workshops once again. I have so many projects to share.
Need to learn to use my digital scrapbooking program too! Sooooo many things to accomplish.

Here's what I've been working on...

Sunday, December 19, 2010


How did I let time get away from me! I haven't posted since August!! I guess it's just been life telling me what to do with my time/days. Summer has come and gone. Fall flew by too! Winter is here, with the holidays all all. Doing my best to stay on top of my life. My house is being spruced up. Chaos everywhere. Had to empty out my father's room well before I was really ready to, but I had no choice. The room needs new carpet and a paint job. It's done and I'm okay with it. I did keep one of my Dad's still has his scent. I wrap it around my shoulders while in my cold computer room and I feel his hugs. Comforting to say the least! Raquel's room is almost complete. Need to get new window panels. My 10 new double payned windows are wonderful!! By next July, I hope to have house done except for the kitchen remodel. That will have to wait till November/December when I get more money!!
Did I mention that QVC and I are intimate friends??? Ha ha!! If I can shop on line and not fight the crowds, then I'm a happy camper!!
I just love this photo of my pooch, Raven. This was taken when she was 2 months old...she's now 7 months! My babaaay!! Raquel and I love her so much. She's brought so much joy to us....

till tomorrow!

Friday, August 20, 2010

My family

While rehabbing at La Jolla Convel. we were so blessed to have the majority of my Macias cousins come visit my dad. Love this photo taken of those of us with him that day.

Here's my dad with 2 of his 4 brothers and 1 of his 2 sisters, 2 sister in laws and my cousin Yoli. 

My Dad

It's been a long while since I posted to my blog. Much has happened since. I will only start from Jan 2010. My dad, Kim, Mickey and I flew to No Cal for Francesca's BA graduation ceremony. Lovely time with her and family. Proud moment for us all. In April, my dad and I took a road trip to Las Vegas. While there, we saw the production of The Lion King at the Mandalay. WHAT a show!! Oh my gosh!! THE BEST I've ever seen! Particularly so because a friend of mine from high school has the lead role of SCAR. He gave us the VIP treatment! My dad just loved it!! May brought us my dad's hip replacement surgery on the 12th. Surgery was a success. On May 15th, he was diagnosed with ALL, acute form of leukemia. On May 17th, I was told he had 3-25 days. SHOCKER for us all. Had to tell my Dad...hardest thing for me to do. He accepted the news with open arms. To him, that meant he would be with my mother that much sooner. My mother, his soulmate, passed away 10 years ago. He had been a very lonely man without her. So, after hospital and rehabilitation, I brought him home on May 30th, with Hospice set up at the house. I wasn't sure what the next month would bring, but I did know that I felt blessed because I was going to be able to take care of him and I wanted Raquel and I to be able to spend as much time with him as we could.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm back!!

So it's now September! I haven't been to diligent in keeping up with my blog,have I?

Lots has been going on...June 19-27 I went on a cruise to Alaska with my sisters Michelle and Kim. WONDERFUL adventure!
July 4th, we had reunion for cousins only on my Macias side at Kim's house here in San Diego. It amazed me how many of my cousins barely knew others. We had a good turn out and plan to have a reunion annually. Next year it will be in the northern part of the state.
Then on July 8th, I had both of my knees replaced at the same time!! yep! Bilateral Total Knee Replacement. I know, what was I thinking?? As I write, it's been almost 10 weeks since the surgery. I spent 4 days, 3 nights at Sharp Coronado Hospital. Then discharged from there and transported across the Coronado Bridge to La Jolla Nursing and Convelescant Home for 14 days of physical therapy. What an adventure!!!
I am still not back to myself, but I am learning how to be patient with myself. I keep having little setbacks, but know that they too will pass!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


spring layout I had gals at a Cancer Coping class. (L)

Below...easy easy basket made for my hostesses. I will fill them with CTMH goodies and chocolate!

Mini Album made using BIA, CTMH mini album and CTMH papers. This was one of the classes I taught at a Desert Scrappers Retreat 2 years ago - MY FAV retreat, in Palm Desert.
Below: Altered Rolodex. These were made at a workshop I had last year. One is used as a Special Occasion file and the one on the bottom is to store business cards.
These are just a very few of the projects I've created. Tutorials and other crafting will be posted soon!