Sunday, December 19, 2010


How did I let time get away from me! I haven't posted since August!! I guess it's just been life telling me what to do with my time/days. Summer has come and gone. Fall flew by too! Winter is here, with the holidays all all. Doing my best to stay on top of my life. My house is being spruced up. Chaos everywhere. Had to empty out my father's room well before I was really ready to, but I had no choice. The room needs new carpet and a paint job. It's done and I'm okay with it. I did keep one of my Dad's still has his scent. I wrap it around my shoulders while in my cold computer room and I feel his hugs. Comforting to say the least! Raquel's room is almost complete. Need to get new window panels. My 10 new double payned windows are wonderful!! By next July, I hope to have house done except for the kitchen remodel. That will have to wait till November/December when I get more money!!
Did I mention that QVC and I are intimate friends??? Ha ha!! If I can shop on line and not fight the crowds, then I'm a happy camper!!
I just love this photo of my pooch, Raven. This was taken when she was 2 months old...she's now 7 months! My babaaay!! Raquel and I love her so much. She's brought so much joy to us....

till tomorrow!

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